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The Northern Pacific Tacoma Division models the NP between Yakima, Washington and Auburn, Washington in the mid 1950ís. The modeled section is between Ellensburg and Lester with Yakima and Auburn represented by staging.

The operation consists of timetable/train order mainline trains with one dedicated switch job at Cle Elum. There are three NP passenger trains and two NP freights in each direction in addition to two NP work extras that work the industries along the way. The Milwaukee Road detours onto the NP at Easton and runs to Auburn with a passenger and freight train in each direction. Helpers are needed on all the through freight trains in both directions between Lester and Easton. The towns modeled are Ellensburg which has a small yard and several industries, Cle Elum which has a couple of industries, a small yard and a branch line to the coal mine at Roslyn, Easton which is the beginning of the double track mainline up Stampede Pass which also includes a log loading siding and the interchange with the Milwaukee Road, Martin which is the east portal of Stampede Tunnel, Stampede which is the west portal of Stampede Tunnel and Lester which is the end of the double track mainline and has a small yard and log loading spur.

About a third of the engines have sound. Most freight trains have 4 F units with about 30 cars. Passenger trains are scale length with correct cars. The general operation scheme is getting trains over Stampede Pass. There is some work along the way for about half the trains and all the through freights get helpers. There is no classification yard or engine terminal. All trains originate and terminate in staging. It is timetable and written train order but it is fairly easy because all the passenger trains (except the detouring Milwaukee) are first class timetable trains and the freight trains are all extras with train orders and the train density is low enough and the distances long enough that you have some time to think about what you are doing.

Superintendent Phil Keppers
Division or Location: Tacoma Division/Washington State
Interchange Railroads: Milwaukee Road
Size of Railroad: 24 X 30 basement with two full decks and a third deck for staging. The mainline between the last modeled towns on either end of the layout is about 360 feet.
Scale: HO
Era: 1955-1957
Control System: NCE with radio throttles
Scale Clock Speed: 4:1
Length of Session: 6 hours
Number of Crew: 5
Train Control: Time table and written train orders. All freights are run as extras.
Are Radios Required: No
Listed Jobs: Road engineers, Cle Elum switch job
Accessibility: Stairs to basement. 36 inch aisles. No duck under for road jobs but the work extras and the Cle Elum switch job have a low duck under.
Distance from hotel: N/A
Estimated travel time from hotel: N/A
Web Site: {None...yet}
Pets: None

Layout Photos (click to enlarge):

Cabin Creek
Cle Elum switch job

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