New Brighton Great Northern Railway

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This two-level, point to point, single division railroad is the resurrection of the best parts of the "New Brighton and Northern" which was featured in Dec. 1992 Model Railroader. 325 feet of running Mainline plus 140 feet in a double helix (viewable) add up to 14 scale miles between the two major yards. Spacious rural environment for train running between the 4 towns with about 60 on-line industries on this railroad.

The railroad does not model a specific prototype railroad in particular, however, the NBGN Railway does lease most of its motive power from the "Hill" railroads.

Superintendent Mike Fox
Division or Location: Midwestern
Interchange Railroads: Milw, GN and CB&Q
Size of Railroad: 26' x 22'
Scale: N
Era: Late 50s/Early 60s
Control System: Digitrax
Scale Clock Speed: None
Length of Session: 3-4 hours
Number of Crew: 7
Train Control: Verbal Authority
Are Radios Required: No
Listed Jobs: Dispatcher, 2 yardmasters, Milw Rd Operator, 3 road crews
Accessibility: No Duckunders
Distance from hotel: 45 miles
Estimated travel time from hotel: 46 minutes
Web Site: {None...yet}
Pets: one dog

Layout photos (click to enlarge):

Crossing Dakota River
At Swift Packing
Milwaukee Road in Dakota Rapids
Dakota Rapids Station
In the mountains
Mesa Flats

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