Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Co.

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The Lakeland Route

“Serving today, shaping tomorrow”

The Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company is a HO scale standard gauge short line railroad located in central Minnesota in late spring 1955. The railroad is an east-west bridge route connecting the GN on east end, CNW at the mid-point, the MILW on the west end and the CGW on a branch line run to Randolph from Northfield. Towns of Midwest flavor, scratchbuilt buildings, all scenery complete, provide identity. Railroad equipment consists of 1st generation Alco’s EMD, and FM small switchers with company blue, orange, and white separating stripe paint scheme . And, rolling stock, some scratch built, with the M&N private name and herald. The railroad is based loosely on the Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern in design and operation.
Operation consists of a dispatcher recording on a train sheet various passenger and thru freight scheduled trains and extras moving on the mainline. Communication of train movements is done by phone. Trains are made up using a realistic industry demand based system in east end Minneapolis or west end Northfield yards with cars picked up from interchanges or local switched industries via car card system. In addition to east and west end yards: a division point job at the mid-point of the railroad where interchange is pulled, local industries are switched and helps dispatcher setup meets on the mainline and passing siding. A MILW job on the west end of the railroad transfers and picks up cars at the west end M&N yard, switches local industries and moves a coal train over the M&N mainline to power plant on east end.
Crew lounge, refreshment area and restroom are all adjacent to the layout area.

Superintendent Lester "Les" Breuer
Division or Location: Central Minnesota
Interchange Railroads: C&NW, Milwaukee, GN, CGW
Size of Railroad: "L" Design, one leg 14’x28’, other leg 9’x12’ and another 15" x 8' leg
Scale: HO
Era: Late spring 1955 in central Minnesota
Control System: Digitrax DCC
Scale Clock Speed: 4:1
Length of Session: 3 hours
Number of Crew: 8
Train Control: Timetable and Train Order, verbal train orders via phone if needed after initial paper train orders are received
Are Radios Required: No
Listed Jobs: Dispatcher, Mpls. yardmaster, Northfield yardmaster, Little Chicago division-point Job, MILW job, Little Chicago Turn (extra road job), Randolph Turn (extra road job), east bound train(s) engineer and conductor, and west bound train(s) engineer and conductor.
Accessibility: Stairs to basement
Distance from hotel: 22 Miles
Estimated travel time from hotel: 24 Minutes
Web Site: {None...yet}
Pets: None

Layout Photos (click to enlarge):

Minneapolis engine and caboose tracks
Minneapolis yard and industry area
M&N photo of power plant at Bass Lake Jct.
Little Chicago, mid-point job on the M&N, home of the CNW interchange
McGregor yard from the east end
McGregor yard, view from west end
MILW trackage, west view
MILW trackage, east view
Sussex industries worked by the Little Chicago Turn out of Northfield.
Little Chicago Freight House
Randolph, Minn.
Randolph, Minn.
Randolph, Minn.

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