Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad

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The Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad is an HO/HOn3 railroad based upon the prototype's operation in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1903. The primary task of the railroad is to service the towns and gold mining industry up gulch from Deadwood and Lead.

The railroad is photo finished and detailed and features modeled structures and scenes based upon historical photos of the prototype. Prototype photo backdrops also surround the entire layout.

Operations is slow paced and low pressure and features standard and narrow gauge trains running in sequence. Car cards and waybills route traffic and detailed work instructions are provided for the operation of each train. A Digitrax operating system runs sound locomotives using simple to use UT4 throttles.

This 10x40 layout is partially double decked, is on the main floor of the house and was featured on the Narrow Gauge Convention layout tour.

Superintendent Jack Gutsch
Division or Location: Black Hills of South Dakota
Interchange Railroads: CB&Q
Size of Railroad: 10x40 partial double deck
Scale: HO/HOn3
Era: September 3rd, 1903
Control System: Digitrax
Scale Clock Speed: N/A
Length of Session: 2.5 hours
Number of Crew: 5
Train Control: Dispatcher, yard limits, verbal orders
Are Radios Required: No
Listed Jobs: Std gauge yard master/ engineer, 3 NG ore turns, 2 std gauge freights, std gauge passenger, NG passenger, 2 NG local switch
Accessibility: 3 stairs up, layout on main floor
Distance from hotel: 82 miles
Estimated travel time from hotel: 78 minutes
Web Site: Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Facebook page
Pets: Cat and Dog

Layout Photos (click to enlarge):

Narrow gauge locomotive 212 simmers on the outbound service track while other narrow and standard gauge power await their daily duties at the Deadwood Enginehouse.
Baltimore and Deadwood in Gayville, Blacktail, SD
Prospecting outside Crownhill, SD
Material bins of the Deadwood and Delaware Smelter, lower Deadwood.
Scratch built Deadwood SD depot.
Scratch built depot at Lead SD.
Local standard gauge train at the Lead SD yard.
Three Tiers at Lead. Deadwood Central trolley, FEMV through truss, Homestake mine trestle high above.
Lundberg, Dorr and Wilson mine. 1st Dividend mine in distance.
Stage arrival at Terry, SD.

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