Albany Union Station

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Albany Union Station models the New York Central and Delaware & Hudson in and around Albany, NY about 1966-68. The NYC (upper level) uses a double-ended staging yard representing both from East and West to/from Albany Union Station and Bull Run Yard on the Island. The lower level is D&H which is point to loop from the small Kenwood Yard, (staging south) passing and interchanging with NYC’s Bull Run Yard and the passenger ramp from Union Station heading north thru major urban switching areas at North Albany and Menands on to Colonie Yard and loops (staging north) where trains are considered on the way north to Montreal and other off-layout D&H / B&M destinations.

We use (very casually) a 2/1 fast clock (online app) in about 3+ hour sessions to handle 2-3 roundtrip NYC express and two local runs plus 2 D&H roundtrip freights and Breaker Island Branch turn, plus a B&M (via D&H trackage rights) R/T freight. There are up to 10 passenger trains per session as well as mail & express trains with a lot of switching and interchange between NYC & D&H. The passenger schedules represent the actual spring 1967 schedules and consists (with some upgrades). The actual 24 hour schedule is divided into 6 scale-hour increments for each session. The D&H additionally runs two locals that were not in the 1967 schedule as well as ‘thru’ B&M passenger trains extended from Troy for operating interest. Also in that vein via NYC main ‘extended’ to Albany are a Harlem Division local and a New Haven New York-Pittsfield-Albany R/T (depending on which of four sessions is operated for MinnRail) thanks to (in my world) funding by the Tri-State DOT.

The layout is 40’ x 28’ two levels around the walls to/from the large Albany Union Station, Bull Run Yard and D&H main/interchange on the ‘Island’ portion.

Superintendent Michael Mayer
Division or Location: Albany, NY area
Interchange Railroads: NYC & D&H with each other an NH. B&M on D&H
Size of Railroad: 1200 square foot room. Mainlines: NYC 200 feet, D&H 120 feet
Scale: HO
Era: 1966/68
Control System: Digitrax
Scale Clock Speed: 2:1
Length of Session: 3 hours
Number of Crew: 7
Train Control: Verbal Authority/Smoke Orders w/ Timetable
Are Radios Required: No
Listed Jobs: 1 NYC Staging Starter / Dispatcher, 2 Yard Jobs, 1 Albany Station Master, 2 D&H engineers, 1 NYC Local Engineer, D&H/B&M Passenger Engineer and Dispatcher (verbal ‘smoke orders’ as operator & free agent)
Accessibility: Stairs to family room/basement, one duckunder to back area: NYC Albany industries, Tivoli Branch, D&H DeWitt Ave & Schaefer Brewery.
Distance from hotel: 14 miles
Estimated travel time from hotel: 16 minutes
Web Site: Albany Union Station Facebook page
Pets: None

Layout Photos (click to enlarge):

Overview - Station left, Bull Run Yard right. D&H main lower level by retaining wall

Looking back, Left to Right: Bull Run Yard (NYC) D&H main and passenger ramp from station, Union Station w/ Coach Yard & Commissary

Central Warehouse (on return loop from staging)

Back area: NYC Main upper w/ Tivoli Hollow Branch, D&H lower level

Duckunder about 4 ft high

D&H lower, NYC ‘West Albany Hill’ to staging or West Albany

From staging East NYC 2 upper levels to Albany on far right, D&H lower level with D&H staging or ‘Kenwood Yard’ on right

Same with lift section in place

Same further ‘north’ to D&H Colonie Yard and turning loops (end of D&H)

Colonie Yard or D&H north end staging

NYC ‘quasi-helix’

D&H south staging (Kenwood Yard)

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