Arcwood & Rice Creek

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CNW Logo The Arcwood and Rice Creek models the Chicago and NorthWestern from Altoona, Wisconsin to Saint Paul, Minnesota, and includes the Hudson to Spooner, Wisconsin, branch line and the interchange with the Arcwood and Rice Creek at Arcwood. Uses dispatcher, timetable, way bills, car cards, and fast clock to move 19 mainline Chicago and North Western trains and 10 Arcwood and Rice Creek trains on the branch line. See articles in December 1986 and May 1999 Model Railroader magazine.

Superintendent Gary Freseman
Division or Location: Chicago and North Western, Saint Paul, Minnesota to Altoona, Wisconsin; connecting with Arcwood and Rice Creek
Interchange Railroads: Chicago and North Western, Arcwood and Rice Creek
Size of Railroad: 676 square feet
Scale: HO
Era: 1995
Control System: DC
Scale Clock Speed: 8:1
Length of Session: 3 hours
Number of Crew: 9
Train Control: Verbal authority
Are Radios Required: Yes
Listed Jobs: Three yardmasters, two yard engineers, four main line engineers, branch line conductor and engineer
Accessibility: Stairs
Distance from hotel: N/A
Estimated travel time from hotel: N/A
Web Site: {None...yet}
Pets: None

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